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Malayalee Community in Europe
Here you will find details of available  other Malayalee communities in Europealso. It is highly appreciated if such information could be furnished directly to to include in this section.
U.K. Ukmalayalee
(Since all information about Malayalee Organisations/ Association in UK is given in their website, we do not list them extra here.)
As per their website, is an independent venture by a few likeminded group of friends to provide information and work towards a noble and worthy cause.   It aims to uphold and safeguard the cultural values Keralites hold close to their hearts. It aims to promote cultural advancement through education and social cohesion. It will also aim to be a independent and impartial communications vehicle formulating constructive criticism which would benefit the community in general.   It will focus on stories, events, culture, business about the Malayalee communities living in the United Kingdom.
Switzerland Kalamela As per their website, The Kalamela was created in 2003 by Keli Switzerland, aiming to make it a unique event of competitions in various disciplines for children and youngsters of Indians living in Switzerland. Inauguration of their website Kalamela was done by Hon. Chief Minister of Kerala V.S Achuthanandan on 4th February 2007.
Austria Kairalieurope As per their website, A Complete portal for European Malayalees,, has successfully emerged as the most popular portal of the European Malayalee population. The site, with good team work, has managed to net more clicks than the similar kind of portals that claims to represent Malayalee spirit.
Austria As per, this site has been started for Austrian Malayalees as an information site with lot of different useful contents when compared to other portals.Now they have widen their services for world Malayalees.




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