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Malayalee Community in Germany
My Community in Germany, which I wish to mention here, is the community from "GODS OWN COUNTRY" viz. the Malayalee Community from Kerala State, the single largest community in Germany from India. It is assumed that the strength of the Malayalee community (PIO) in Germany is between 9 to 12 thousand including the second generation out of a total of about 52000 Indians (PIO) in Germany.
During the early sixties, few Malayalees began to cross the ocean to study medicine and nursing in Germany.
In the early seventies there was a good flow of female nursing students, as there was shortage of nurses in Germany, when German authorities started to recruit students from Asian countries for a limited period. By the end of seventies the regulations became stringent and the German authorities introduced Visa system for Indians with effect from 18th July 1980, 3 months later, as due reciprocation to this, Govt. of India also introduced the visa system for German nationals from 1st of October 1980.
From 1976 to 1982 when the young Malayalee nurses start to marry from their own community in India, many Spouses arrived in Germany. Those who arrived during this period to join their family, were of different professions and talents and started to grow their own small communities as they had much free time due to the German labour law regulations.
The present Malayalee community in Germany can be generally divided into 4 categories.
1. Those who have already settled permanently in Germany.
2. Those who actually wanted to go back to Kerala but have finally started to integrate fully into to the German community.
3. Those who still think that they would settle once permanently in "Gods Own Country" and are not ready to give up their current identity or those who are experiencing an identity crisis.
4. The last category is the cheerful second generation enjoying their life, as they want and are the happiest section of the Malayalee community in Germany.

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The first and the only single Free ONLINE Service for Malayalee Community in Germany has started in December 2000 under where the large part of the domain is reserved for Malayalee Community in Germany. One can say that it is the unofficial website of Malayalee Community in Germany.

The responses received from all over the world is tremendously encouraging, provoking us to continue with our service.

PS: is an independent, personal endeavour and is not a member of any organisation in Germany.

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