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Arts, Sports, Dance, Cultural Clubs (Associations) & Schools
The Malayalee Community in Germany is mainly concentrated in Köln (Cologne) and the nearby places such as, Bonn, Bochum, Essen, and Herne followed by Frankfurt and Heidelberg. We will find a number of different activities in these areas especially in Köln.
The list given below is incomplete. We will endeavour to updated this page regularly. Hence it is highly appreciated if anyone could  bring to my notice, any associations/Samajams etc not listed here
Indisches Sport und Familien
Verein e.V. Commenced in1972
Kerala Samajam Malayalam School.
Commenced in 1974
Köln: Darsana Theaters e.V
Commenced in 1982. It is an association of artists whose main aim is to promote Malayalam theatrical performances in Germany.
Köln: Kasthuri Salankai Oli
Commenced in 1994 as an organisation to foster Indian Classical and Folk dances. Main aim is training children in Indian classical dances and different folklore.
Köln: Selbsthilfe Für Indien e.V. (Self Help for India)
Commenced in 1974. This is an organisation for helping the poor and needy in India
Köln : Indian Volleyball Club e.V.
Commenced in 1981 They are promoting sports. The Club organises Volleyball tournaments, sports seminars etc.
Koln: Indian Cultural Club
An association of Malayalees whose main activity is to conduct programmes of professional artists from Kerala.
Köln: Sangeetha Arts Club e.V:
Commenced in 1980 by a group of Malayalees keenly interested in Music. It has a full fledged troupe with talented musicians and excellent orchestra.
Köln: Indian School e.V
Commenced in 1986. This is an Organisation giving classes in Indian Classical and Folk dances, Classical music and Malayalam language.
Köln: Kairali Kala Samathy
Association for fostering arts and culture. It organises programmes of Kerala cine-artists in Germany. The Samithy was started in the year 1983.
Köln: Gurukulam Tanz Schule
Commenced in 1982. Gurukulam is the first Dance Centre in Cologne for Indian Classical and Folk dances.
Köln: Challengers Sports Club e.V.
Commenced in 1984. A predominantly Volleyball based Sports club, It conducts volleyball tournaments.
Köln: Deutsch-Indische Kultur Verein e.V.
Commenced in 1995. Rasmi is published by this Association.
Köln: European Malayalee Federation (EMF) - German Branch
The German branch of European Malayalee Federation (EMF) commenced in 2000.
Köln: Ragas
Commenced in 1989 . This is a Pop Music group of Malayalee youngsters. The Group conducts Western pop musical concerts and Indian light musical programmes.
Köln: World Malayalee Council
The German province of the World Malayalee Council Thiruvanathapuram, Kerala has its office at Bonn. The Province organises conferences and cultural programmes. It was established in 1995 and registered in the year 2000
Köln :Friends of Changanacherry
Commenced in 2000/2001. It is an association of about 200 Families from Changanacherry who wish to spend their old age in their native town. Their main aims are to make facility to settle down in Changanacherry and to be active in development works of Changanacherry.





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