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Malayalam Publications
The first Malayalam publication in Germany surfaced about 28 years ago entitled Ente Lokam. (meaning "My World") This publication was launched by Rev. Fr. Jerome Cherusserry cmi, Mr.Jose Punnamparambil and Mr. Abraham Oommen. The initial aim was to disseminate news from India  especially from Kerla to Keralites living in Germany as well as information about German rules and regulations. Malayalees in Germany look forward to this publication every second month.
The main Malayalam publications at present in Germany are "Ente Lokam", and Rasmi . There are also a few other publications such as World Malayalee News, IVC Spiegel etc.
Nammudelokam25%.jpg (10850 bytes) rasmi
This periodical in Malayalam is published in Germany by Internationale Katholische Seelsorge im Erzbistum Koeln. The 1st edition was published in July 2010.

Current  Editor in charge.: James Kadappally  Published by:   Kath.Ind. Seelsorgestelle Danzierstrasse 55, 51063 Koeln


This periodical in Malayalam is published in Germany and printed in Kerala by Indo- German Cultural Association, Cologne. This Association began 1995. This Malayalam bi-monthly is circulated all over the world.
Current Chief Editor:
Thomas Chakkiath
Published by :
Indo-German Cultural Assiciation,
Novalisstr. 45, 51147 Köln
Tel. 02203 22654
Fax 02203 22654,
IVC Spiegel World Malayalee Journal
Indian Volleyball Club has its own news bulletin named IVC Spiegel (Mirror of IVC)
Current Chief Editor:
Davis Vadakumcherry
Heinering 59, 50767 Köln
Tel 0221 5904183
Fax 0221 2839499,
The German Province of World Malayalee Council publishes a bi-monthly named, World Malayalee Journal which is printed in Kerla
Current Chief editor:
Jolly Thadathil, Bluecherstr. 69
58332 Schwelm
Tel.02336 - 81884 Fax 02336- 108 55




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